Hitler Reacts to News that Joe Launchbury Will Not be Selected for the Lions || 2017

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Joe Launchbury shamefully missed out on selection for the Lions today! Here is our parody of how we feel the ruthless dictator Hitler might have felt!

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(bantz) **BREAKING NEWS** Joe Launchbury changes name, set to be included in lions squad. from rugbyunion

Edited by Tom Parker

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34 thoughts on “Hitler Reacts to News that Joe Launchbury Will Not be Selected for the Lions || 2017

  1. I sense a bit of English biased here 😂 Btw Robshaw is the most overrated rugby player on the planet

  2. What a classic! LMAO!!!! Anyone with the surname Williams, Robert and Davies get out now. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!! LMAO! Barrett is going to go medieval on our ass! Hahahahahahaha….Hehehehehehe! Raw Rugby I'm now in cardiac-arrest

  3. Best Hitler reacts I've seen in a while! Sounds so wrong but I agree with everything Hitler says in this video. More Welsh than Irish players selected in the squad, only two Scottish players selected and they try and claim the squad was picked on merit and not favouritism. Absolutely crazy. Two seasons ago AW-J first name on the team sheet, but the tour is two months away and AW-J has not had anywhere near a good enough season to be selected ahead of Launchbury, J Gray or Toner. Zebo isn't selected after the amazing season he has had with Munster and Ireland but Halfpenny who has been average at best all season is, and so is Nowell who isn't even a starting English winger. Maitland who has the most experience in the home nations of playing in NZ is left out, as is Haskell who played for the Highlanders for a season, and they claim they've selected experience. The welsh experience of being beaten 3-0 in a test series in NZ is not the kind you really want. Bigger ahead of Russell and Ford indicates they are going to play like Wales and if that doesn't work, they will continue playing like Wales. SA have tried taking big powerful players to NZ for the past 5 seasons and it hasn't worked well for them. H Watson and Heaslip should be in the squad as powerful yet athletic back rowers who can offer something different to the likes of Vunipola and Faletau. Plus D Coles the penalty machine is going?! I will be screaming my support for the lions all tour until my lungs give out, but the squad doesn't fill me with confidence and I fear my New Zealand bother in law will be bagging on about this tour and how great the All Blacks are for another 12 years 🙄


  5. Of course Jones goes instead of Launchbury not only did he play better than Launchbury but Launchbury doesn't fit the system needed for beating the all blacks. Even so he will probably go at some point as there will be injury's.

  6. Wales have proven that they aren't as good as they think they are. Why have so many from Wales been picked,? Alun Wyn Jones is not good enough and he'll probably start. We r going to get shit on by the All Blacks.

  7. Yeah Launchbury should have been there pretty shocking really, as a Scot i also find it shocking only 2 Scots going, where as Ireland have 11 going, and Wales 12 both of which lost to Scotland..Warren Gatland don't like us or something!

  8. oooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh funny as hell…. nice one Raw Rugby !!!! hhhhhhh I hope the Lions wins the 1st Test and put pressure on the ABs so we can have a great Lions series…. Cheers from Wellington, NZ !!!!!

  9. Itjoe should have been selected as a flanker in place of Peter O'Mahoney. This would have freed up a spot in the second row stocks for Launchbury.

  10. Piss off England were outplayed and scraped their six nation wins especially against Wales and France, they will be exposed

  11. We're playing "Warrenball" and yet we've left our best tacklers from the second row behind! Jonny Gray's tackle count, and work rate is incredible, Launchbury is the form lock in the Northern hemisphere!

  12. Launchraspberry should go imo…… to lick the mud of the lions test winning captains boots of alun Wyn jones….😂

  13. I dont even fancy the English, but Launchbury has been the standout player of the tournament, a key player in the english engine room… He SHOULD go

  14. I am quite surprised and a little disappointed that Joe Launchbury missed a place in the Lions tour. I thought that he had done enough this season to earn a place in the squad. Of course there will always be disagreements in these selections. However, in this case I believe that Joe was very unlucky. Now is the time to put selections behind us and cheer on the Lions.

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